Formulated especially for growing puppies

We believe our dogs are part of the family and deserve to eat just like us!

Our pups deserve to eat proper food that’s full of goodness.

Why ready meals for dogs?

Because it is a perfect format for feeding our dog’s the best meals possible. Afterall, would you feed a child on a permanent diet of tinned food or dry biscuits?

Raw is good but without the other ingredients properly balanced – vegetables, fruit, vitamins and minerals – it is incomplete.

It is also a faff! Ready meals are SO convenient We challenge you to try the bowl trick – watch how fast the food is wolfed down.

Complete nutrition for healthy dogs at every stage of their lives

All our ingredients are good and safe enough for us to eat, which means you can safely store Ted’s Bowl in your fridge or freezer.

Balanced and

Ted’s Bowl only comprises the best cuts of British meat:

Beef, lamb, venison and chicken with a minimum meat content of 70%. Plus, added seasonal vegetables, fruit and essential vitamins and minerals. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE!

Simply fresh frozen in our kitchen to be cooked in yours.

Cook in the microwave straight from the freezer for 3.5 minutes. Wait for it to cool and serve. Ted’s Bowl couldn’t be simpler. ‍ And it certainly couldn’t be tastier!

Whats in Ted's Bowl?

Wholesome food, just as nature intended.

Lamb and Mint (Puppy)

Chicken with Carrots (Puppy)

Beef with Sweet Potato (Puppy)

for use


Open freezer door
Marvel at choice of dishes
What will it be today?


Pop straight in the microwave in Ted’s own bowl


Cook on full power for 3.5 minutes


Let it cool and then feed to drooling dog!